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Learn Logo vs Branding to get to know Elements of Branding

Logo vs Branding

People interchangeably use logo design and identity with branding. Let us learn about each one of them to be able to differentiate between them.

What is a Logo

A logo is a symbol designed by or for an organization to identify various aspects related to and representing the company. Logo once finalized gets printed onto a lot of things representing the company such as uniforms, business cards, letterhead, vehicles etc.

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A Logo forms the basis of everything that is to be conducted in a business such as day to day processes, organizational values etc., and should never be taken lightly. There are fair implications for when a Logo Design gets messed up.

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What is Branding

In order to know what branding is, we got to know what branding is not. Branding is not a lot of things people say it is and it is definitely not a Logo.

A Brand is also not a Product.

It is not a Promise, not Impressions of your Product. 

It is a result of your actions that you take with your product and with your actions, you don’t simply create one Brand but millions of Brands with how every other customer sees your Brand as a result of your actions. 

Therefore, a brand is a Reputation. Every other person would have a slightly different idea as to what your Reputation is.

You might be asking at this point, how are we so sure about the things we had said until now.

This we had learnt about, through seeing a 4 Minute Crash Course about branding by watching a video of Marty Neumeier telling us what it is. He has worked as a graphics designer for companies like Apple, Netscape, HP, Adobe and Google and helped build their brands so he is definitely one we should be listening to carefully while learning about branding.

If you wish you could watch his video along with reading onto our explanation of his words or continue reading onto the rest of the article, simply skipping the video.

Here’s his Video:

So, Marty Neumeier emphasizes on the fact that; “Your brand isn’t what you say it is. It’s what they say it is”.

That reputation of what they say it is, is created through actions of not one but many people working for a company in supporting the company with all that it needs to do, to get in front of the people and help them with their problems.

Elements of Branding

What are Branding Elements

A brand is represented by various elements along with the Brand Name such as it’s Logo, Tagline, Colors, Shape(s) which are static and Animating behaviors such as Movements in usability, Graphics, Letterheads, Sound(s), Smell(s), Taste

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